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View/Download your control report

With LANDAUER direct, you can access to you dose reports in just a few clicks.

Simply download them in PDF or Excel® format.

  1. Control reportSelect “ Control Report ” from the menu on the left of your screen
  2. Fill in the information according to your search.
    For a global search leave “All” in the Subdivision field and do not indicate the start of the wearing period
  3. Click on the “ Search ” button
  4. The list of control reports sorted by the issue date is displayed.
    You can change this sorting by clicking on the column headers
  5. Click on ” Download ” to the right of the line to open and save the official report in PDF format
  6. Click on the report number (5th column) to display a table containing the information of the control report concerned.
    To download the list of control report, click on the ” Export ” button at the top right of the table