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Remove a participant

LANDAUER direct allows you to deactivate a participant or an area dosimeter. It will be shown as ”inactive” . The information and the history of dose will remain available.

Once inactive, you can choose to display them or not. If you display them, they will appear at the end of the list and will be grayed out.

Whenever needed, you can reactivate a participant if required.

Search for a participant

  1. Go to the ” Search for a participant ” menu on the left of your screen
  2. Fill in the ” participant name” or ” participant number” fields. You can enter only the first letter.
  3. Validate with the ” Search ” button
  4. Select the participant on the list by clicking on his participant number
  5. Click on the button ” Disable ” on the right of your screen


Please note that deactivation is immediately performed.
All the participant’s dosimeters that are not yet manufactured will be canceled. The one manufactured will be shipped.