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To meet your expectations, LANDAUER direct is constantly evolving.
Find the latest developments below.

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Thursday 16th June, 2022

A new email alert “Dosimeters to be returned” is now available!

  • You can subscribe to this alert in the menu “your email alerts” and select the event type “non returned dosimeters
  • You will receive a notification X days (X to be configured) after the wear period showing all dosimeters not received in our laboratory
  • The history of the alerts are available in the menu “Events

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Tuesday 23rd May, 2022

The following menus are added:

  • Your e-mail alerts”: you can set your own dose thresholds for the wear period or 12 month cumulative and receive email notification.
  • The menu “History of actions” is created and allows you to check the history of the online modification.

The following menus evolves :

  • You can now add several dosimetry services to a participant at the same time.
    The start and end of the wear period can be more easily selected.
  • Assign a dosimeter” becomes  “Assign a visitor dosimeter”.
    You can now also check the history of the dosimeter assigned.

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