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Create a participant

Do you need to provide a dosimeter to a new worker or a new dosimeter to an existing worker?

Go to the menu on the left of your screen and select ” Your mapping ” then select his subdivision

  1. Your mappingGo on ” Your Mapping ” and click on the subdivision to which to attach the new participant
  2. At the top of the list of carriers appear the following buttons:
    – Transfer/Deactivate
    – Add area monitoring
    – Add a visitor
    – Click on ” Add a participant
  3. Enter the first letters of the participant’s name to confirm that the participant does not already exist .
  4. Click on ” Click here to add a new participant ” below the list of suggestions. If the participant already exists, click on its name and proceed to step 7
  5. Fill in the fields (mandatory fields are indicated by an *)
  6. Save with the ” Validate ” button. The participant details appears
  7. Click on the ” Add a service ” button at the bottom right of the new window
  8. Select the required service(s) in the ”Service” column by ticking each box
  9. Set the date for beginning of the wear period. If the other dosimeters of the wear period are already manufactured, then ”express shipment” is indicated
  10. If you know the end date for this dosimetry service, fill in the field in the ”end of date of next wear period” column
  11. Click on ” Validate ” button